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Check out Preeti Khicha's blog post all about bookjigs.

Being an avid reader, I treasure bookmarks. I usually keep an eye out at check-out counters at book stores where these colorful paper markers are either handed out free, or sold at a nominal price. Its never hard to find a cute design, but often these page dividers lose out on the practical aspect. Many just slip out or get crumpled, defeating the purpose for which it is used.

I recently spotted a bookmark that marries design and functionality. It is called a Bookjig. Yes, the bookmark has a name! Designed by Salt Lake city based firm Franklin Mill, the metal Bookjig clips to a book’s cover, while the attached ribbon slips in between the pages, serving as a divider.

Beautifully illustrated Bookjigs

Why  the name Bookjig? Just like the jig is a clever tool that helps woodworkers provide perfect accuracy, a Bookjig aims to do the same for readers. And I fell in love with the graphic illustrations on them. The perfect accessory for your afternoon read. Buy them at several stores in the United States for $5.95, or order them online at

So do away with dog-earing your reads, and win a free Bookjig.

Just write to us and let us know what design you would like to see on future Bookjigs.


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