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Can I just say, I love this idea!!
"As a designer, I have always been inspired by other creatives. There are many places where you can find artists and inspiration such as blogs, books, exhibits, and much more, but what if inspiration was delivered to your door? I wanted to create a service where the creative community can come together and get personalized inspiration and goodies at their doorstep. 

"CreativeBox is a subscription based service for creative people, in which you complete your own profile that specifies your likes and creative process. Every three months, the subscribers receive a special box made just for them, which includes a variety of five to seven items: inspirational posters, magazine subscriptions, useful creative items, small books, toys, gadgets, newsletters, and much more. In addition to the subscription, artists and designers can collaborate with CreativeBox and promote themselves. They can donate their own creations, which could possibly be featured in CreativeBox. Overall, CreativeBox’s primary goals are to inspire creatives and get the creative community moving." 

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January 21, 2015

This concept is crazy cool, keep it up!

sanjay doshi
sanjay doshi

July 29, 2014

Intrested in packaging to feed our Indian market

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