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Alright Franklin Mill, just take my money already...

Insanely enough, I had never heard of Franklin Mill — a stationery company and inventors of a crazy-cool product called Bookjigs —  before two days ago. I had seen there work — on Pinterest, on Behance, and on random design blogs — and always found it beautiful. But, somehow, amidst my hasty searches for inspiration, I hadn't made time to discover who designed all these pieces. Of course, I didn't even realize they were all created by the same company until I happened upon a post by one of my favorite design blogs, Brave the Woods, showcasing Franklin Mill's project entitled The Kortney Collection — a collaboration between Franklin Mill and designer Kortney Greer.

After perusing all of Franklin Mill's products, I've decided that what makes them truly special is the beautifully designed packaging in which they come — packaging that any design-lover could never bring themselves to throw away. In fact, in the case of Franklin Mill's striking notecard sets, the packaging is actually specifically crafted as a keepsake. So, long after the notecards have been sent off to dear friends, the gorgeous box they came in will remain to be used for other things.

I'm also absolutely enthralled with the fact that most of Franklin Mill's packaging features foil work. I mean, foil work on packaging — a container normally viewed as something to be tossed away? Who does that, right? ...awesome people.

Okay, enough of my lusting... Check out a few of my favorite snaps of Franklin Mill's products below. Also, be sure to head over to the Franklin Mill website to drool over even more good design and perhaps purchase a few of their fabulous products!


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