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Our mission at Miro is threefold: First, we aim to support the creative self by producing notebooks that encourage writing, sketching, scribbling, and lifetime goals that begin with a daily list. Second, we strive to strengthen the artistic community by partnering with community organizations to advance emerging artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and creative-types around the globe. And third, we seek to beautify the world by planting trees, using post-consumer materials, and employing sustainable practices at all levels of our company operations.

As we make individual and business-level decisions that support these initiatives, we’ve decided to share them with you. 

Today we’re highlighting a company we’ve partnered with to produce some of our notebooks–Mohawk Paper Company

Mohawk’s core values align extremely closely with Miro’s: it is  a match made in corporate partnership heaven. Like Miro, Mohawk is a company with rich heritage. Founded in 1931 by George O’Connor, Mohawk is now in its fourth generation of familial leadership, currently run by CEO Tom O’Connor, Jr. Mohawk’s code of conduct is admirable and responsible:

    • Lead by Example: Foster partnerships, challenge the status quo, think big.
    • Respect Our World and Those Who Are In It: Preserve our resources, community, and give back whenever possible.
    • Create An Environment That Fosters Safety, Growth, and Trust: Be transparent, respectful, and good listeners.
    • Never Stand Still: Let innovation lead the way.
    • Make Everything We Do Count.

It’s a code from which the company does not stray. They’ve led the way in many avenues–from environmental responsibility to innovative technologies to online growth.

Environmentally, any company would do well to take a page from Mohawk’s book (or, more literally, from their supply). Mohawk was the first paper mill–and one of the first general production facilities–in the United States to offset emissions from electrical power generation with the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).These RECs, issued by wind farms, match 100% of the electricity used in Mohawk’s operations. In addition, the thermal energy used to manufacture Mohawk’s papers is offset with Verified Emissions Reduction Credits (VERs), which fund renewable energy projects. Mohawk’s VERs specifically support projects like the Greater New Bedford Landfill Utilization Facility, Koda Energy, Greenville County Landfill Gas Utilization Project, and the Irani Wastewater Methane Avoidance Project, and others–all of which research or manufacture products that convert waste products into energy. Through these initiatives, Mohawk seeks to have a net zero climate impact. 

Mohawk's Environmental Calculator helps their customers make the greenest possible product choices

Mohawk also helps other companies “go green”. For example, they partnered with Herman Miller to help the company improve in their goal to advocate a stance for “a healthy workspace, a healthy body, and a healthy planet.” Herman Miller uses Mohawk papers for their marketing materials and in other print projects because of the paper’s environmentally-friendly properties. Marlene Capotosto, Graphic Production Manager at Herman Miller, says, “it’s nice to do business with a company that shares common beliefs surrounding the practice and promotion of environmental stewardship.” Mohawk has also helped Ruby Tuesday make environmentally responsible changes in both operations and marketing. The company has cut down on their printed reports and other handouts, but when they do print, they use Mohawk’s most sustainable products. Mohawk has also helped them manufacture their materials on custom sizes that cut down on waste.

Mohawk sets a corporate example in other areas as well. Mohawk has evolved alongside the evolution of the print industry–growing to encompass everything from the change from letterpress to offset in the 1940s to the change from print to digital in the present day. Mohawk’s most recent evolution involved the launch of Felt and Wire, an online source of print design inspiration and store featuring design-focused paper goods. They have also collaborated with multiple technology and manufacturing companies to push the boundaries in digital printing technology. They’ve expanded their business to include envelope manufacturing and conversion. And they have their own online photo boutique–after working closely with online publishing companies like Blurb, Minted, and Moo, they had the expertise to launch their own company, Pinhole Press, where you can use your own photos to produce everything from calendars to memory games to wine labels

Finally, Mohawk makes a point to support their community on local and global levels. Mohawk employees volunteer their time to organizations like Race for the Cure, Cancer Walk, United Way, and Charity: Water. On a corporate level, the company provides support and participates in leadership roles in organizations like AIGA, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, and United States EPA Climate Leaders

We’re honored to be partnered with Mohawk in the production of our notebooks. Stay tuned for more background on our company and reasons why Miro is the superior choice in notebooks. 

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