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We love seeing how our readers use our notebooks. We're always amazed at people’s creativity, and we’re honored when such talented people choose Miro notebooks as a way to bring their ideas into the world. 

We were so impressed with the recent use of one of our utility notebooks that we felt we had to share it with you. 

Heather Sanders (also known as “OMSH”) is a web designer, blogger, and contributor on the website The Pioneer Woman. She homeschools her three children, and her pieces on The Pioneer Woman center around the successes and trials she’s had in that realm. 

Back in April, she posted about a summer journaling project she started with her kids. Last week she published a follow-up to that post. While two of her kids didn’t really take to the idea of journaling, one of her daughters, Emelie, amazed her mother with the beauty and thoughtfulness of what she created with her Miro utility notebook. “Emelie’s journal... is a work of art,” Heather says, “a visual expression of what attracts her eye, compels her day, engages her mind, and stirs her heart.” With Emelie’s permission, Heather shared some photos of her daughter’s journal: 

Heather and Emelie, thank you so much for sharing images of your journaling with us! Your unique use of our notebooks have inspired us!



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