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As writers and journalers, we at Miro were intrigued when we read about Larry Smith and his Six-Word Memoirs project. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s challenge to write a short story in just six words (the result: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”), Smith pondered; “Can you tell the story of your life in six words?”

In 2006, Larry took his idea to his online storytelling community, SMITH Magazine, and partnered with what was then a little-known company called Twitter to start what was supposed to be a one-month contest. Smith says, “the idea was as simple as it sounds–tell the story of your life in six words. Think of it as the title of your autobiography, or epitaph on your tombstone.”

He got so many interesting, inspiring, and intriguing responses that he kept the project going–he’s now published five books of the memoirs, and users are constantly contributing their own to a running list of six-word memoirs, here.

Some of Smith’s favorites include, “According to Facebook, we broke up,” and “Mom’s Alzheimer’s: she forgets, I remember.” Chef Mario Batali sums his life with, “Brought it to a boil often.” Some of the most recent submissions to the site refer to the supposed end of the world: “Dear Mayans, nothing happened. Still unemployed,” and “Bills due. Apocalypse tomorrow. I’ll wait.”

Smith says, “At it’s core, Six-Word Memoir project takes a basic human need–self-expression–and makes it accessible, easy, and often quite addictive.” See for yourself: share your Six-Word Memoir in the comments below, on the website, or in your own private notebook.




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