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It's Miro Monday!

Last week we showed you some paper sculptures that we thought were pretty neat. You seemed to like them too, so we decided to show you something similar this week!

Miso is a mixed media street artist. While she's known primarily for her urban installation art, she's a multitalented woman who also excels in sketching, illustration, and screen printing. As we were browsing her portfolio, we found a project that celebrated high-quality paper in a different way than the sculptures we featured last week. 

The two pieces you see below are intricately ornate designs created only using pinpricks on high-quality paper. The first is a map of Berlin, "woven through the structure of a spider web–weaving paths and a place to live over time," as she describes it. The second is a map of a city block in Brooklyn combined with a map of the surface of the moon. 

Miso did these works from memories of places she's lived. "I've been thinking a lot about the way we experience cities and artworks–not as a real whole, but more like patches of details in memory. It's a pleasure to walk the streets from memory as I punch the holes on the paper, lapse where I stop remembering  a block, tie it into the spider's web and start again when it comes back to me," she says. "I was worried that all this would do is make me miss Berlin, but it kept me distracted to follow the way a spider builds a web, copy the order and understand it structurally." 

"Berlin Web"

"New York Moon"

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