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 Have you heard of The Sketchbook Project? We were unbelievably excited to read about this incredible project, started by Brooklyn company Art House Co-Op. Art House organizes many collaborative creative projects across the globe, and they call The Sketchbook Project their "flagship endeavor." 

From a high level, The Sketchbook Project is a constantly growing and evolving library of over 18,000 artist sketchbooks from around the world. To participate, artists order a blank notebook from the company's website, fill the pages with content of their choosing, and send it back. The company then takes the sketchbooks on various tours and ultimately houses them at the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg, as well as in a digital library so that anyone who didn't have the chance to see the sketchbooks on tour can browse their pages online.

We're so inspired by this project. What do you think? Have you participated or seen any of the work that has come from The Sketchbook Project? Would you participate? What other collaborative/community art projects have you participated in? 



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